Multi-Currency Cash Passport

Our multi-currency cash passports allow you the flexibility to store and spend money wherever you are in the world. Access your money overseas using our convenient pre-paid secure payment cards in-store, online, or through ATMs globally.

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Multi-currency cash passport key features

Our multi-currency cash passports have a wide range of features to help you conveniently access your money abroad.

Global fund access

Easily access funds from your Payset account via your multi-currency cash passport anywhere in the world to use in-store, online, and at ATMs globally.

Minimal conversion fees

Enjoy minimal transfer fees with every transaction. All of our fees are transparently displayed during the exchange process.

Payment card flexibility

Easily top up your prepaid cash passport in 34 different currencies from your multi-currency account, wherever you are in the world.

Currency diversification

Load your digital wallet with up to 34 different currencies at competitive rates. Make payments to your business partners conveniently in their native currencies.

Unmatched security

Our prepaid cards feature secure chip and pin protection features with your funds being stored in a completely separate multi-currency account.

How our multi-currency cash passports works

Using our multi-currency cash passport is easy and straightforward. Top-up and spend money using your cash passport in 3 easy steps:


Once you’ve registered your business with us, you can access your multi-currency account to manage your funds and cash passport.


Choose which currencies and the amount you wish to add to your prepaid card. If you wish to add more, simply log back into your Payset account to top your card up.


Use the funds on your cash passport anywhere in the world either in-store, online, or withdrawing from any ATM.

Businesses we serve

Global payroll

  • Pay employees, freelancers, and suppliers with low transfer fees
  • Make payments in 38 separate currencies
  • Ensure full regulatory and tax compliance


  • Send and receive payments in 34 currencies
  • Deposit and withdraw funds to your traditional bank account
  • Enjoy free transfers to and from other Payset users


  • Accept payments from international clients
  • Enjoy minimal transfer fees
  • Withdraw funds to your traditional bank account

Affiliate programs

  • Pay affiliate partners in their native currency
  • Track all payments from a user-centric dashboard
  • Leverage reporting features


  • Send and receive payments in up to 38 currencies
  • Enjoy minimal transfer fees
  • Manage all payments from one user-centric dashboard


  • Accept international payments with low transfer fees
  • Receive international payments in your native currency
  • Manage payments from multiple marketplaces


  • Send and receive payments in up to 38 currencies
  • Pay staff and suppliers via multiple payment networks
  • Make cross-border payments with fast execution

I wanted to express my appreciation for the successful cooperation between my firm and Payset. I would like to point out in particular the professionalism, the manner in which requests are handled, the quick response time and the satisfaction of the clients. I strongly believes that we will continue to move forward and create many collaborations in the future

Asaf and the team
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The experience of using PaySet account was really interesting. It is one of the most ergonomic systems I have ever used. Support provided is fast and enquires are resolved in no time. I am very satisfied for using this account! Keep going guys!

Christina Loizou
Accountant at Lytria
/ 02

Through our experience with Payset we are happy to say the services provided were accommodated to our needs perfectly and were performed professionally. The support and customer care is fast and efficient, no question or request is left unanswered or unresolved. 10/10

Payments and Risk Manager, CanadaP LTD
/ 03

For the past year, we have worked hand in hand with Payset Limited to assist us with numerous payments related services. At no one time have they failed me, and they have always been on time, making them one of our top reliable business partners.

Payments Team
Clearsky Network
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Multi-currency cash passport FAQs

What is a multi-currency cash passport?

A multi-currency cash passport is a prepaid chip and pin Mastercard that functions as a currency card. The cards can be loaded with multiple currencies at once and used all over the world. The Payset multi-currency cash passport can carry up to 34 different currencies and can be used in shops and ATMs all over the world, as well as being able to make online purchases.

What are the benefits of a multi-currency cash passport?

A multi-currency cash passport provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Convenient access to your funds from anywhere in the world: load your cash passport with up to 34 different currencies and access your funds from any shop, ATM, or online store from around the world. Check your balance and top up your cash passport from your Payset multi-currency account from anywhere in the world.
  • Protection from exchange rate fluctuations: Easily top up your card whenever you need to, wherever you are, and with whichever currency you choose.
  • Segmentation of funds from your main account: Payset’s multi-currency cash passports are completely separate from your multi-currency account. Meaning that you control the amount of funds on your card and how much you spend.

Are transaction limits in place?

No; Payset’s multi-currency cash passports allow for limitless transactions.

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