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Real-time access to wholesale exchange rates.

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Key features

Real-time rates

Access live rate quotes before a conversion is made.

Pre-agreed margin

Competitive rates with pre-agreed margins.

Full reporting

Full reporting with FX rate data available.

Exchange rates:

This information is provided for reference only. Actual rates are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

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1 USD = 0.825361 EUR

200 USD equals

165.07 EUR

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How it works

Convert currencies at wholesale rates, make payments in 38 currencies to over 180 countries.


Log-in to your account and click on "Currency Exchange".


Choose a currency pair and ask for the rate.


Confirm the rate and the exchange will be executed. Your new balance will now be visible in your account.

What companies would benefit from currency exchange?

Global payroll

  • Easily pay staff in their own currency
  • Automate your FX payments
  • Ensure tax and regulatory compliance


  • Make quick, low-fee currency exchanges
  • Work with up to 38 currency pairs
  • Expand the reach of your business


  • Expand by offering services in more regions
  • Get paid your way with no delays
  • Offer clients more flexible payment options

Affiliate programs

  • Pay partners in their local currency
  • Save huge time and money on FX
  • Track payments and exchanges in one dashboard


  • Easily manage international staff and clients
  • Save money on all international transfers
  • Make instant exchanges within your account


  • Accept buyers from around the world
  • Open opportunities with new ecommerce marketplaces
  • Save tons of money on exchange fees


  • Make instant, low-fee FX transfers
  • Pay and get paid in up to 38 currencies
  • Save by moving money between currency pairs

Prior to finding Payset, our company spent more on currency exchange than any other non-staff operating cost. Payset has quite literally transformed the profit margin of our business.

Edward Lasso
CEO at PIA Import and Export Ltd
/ 01

We used to handle FX through our business accounts at our regular bank and I have to say it’s unbelievable that we didn’t switch sooner. We’re saving not just money — lots of it — but a lot delays and hassle as well.

Mihai Alecsandri
Buyer at Covor Paradis
/ 02

We used Payset for dozens of FX payments this year and I always found them to be quite reliable and fast. Good service. We never had any delays or surprise fees. We saved money every time.

Rory Lehman
Customer Success at ShopLogic
/ 03

We gave Payset a shot in the Fall and found that we saved something like 3% on the first exchange so we’ve never looked back. Ever since we’ve gotten a way better rate on all our FX transactions than we used to. I’m really impressed.

Faryad Parveen
Strategist at Reza Holdings Inc.
/ 04

I found I was spending an outrageous amount on currency exchange once my business started taking off with international sales. It’s really been a pleasure working with Payset and I do hope more people discover them because they’re awesome.

Elizabeth Barberi
Entrepreneur at Barb Belle
/ 05

Getting started with our foreign currency account is easy

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An account executive will guide you through the on-boarding process, which is quick and simple.

Enjoy using it

Log-in to your account to manage your funds 24/7 and enjoy low fees and fast execution.

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asked questions

What currencies can I exchange?

Please refer to our payment guide.

What are the fees for currency exchanges?

The fees for currency exchange are dependent on two factors:

  • The amount of the exchange
  • The currency pairs

To calculate the fees for a specific FX transaction, enter the amount and currency you’d like to exchange in your dashboard or contact us.

Can I exchange currencies within my Payset account?

Absolutely. A Payset foreign currency account allows you to exchange up to 38 currencies. For a full list of the currency pairs you can exchange within your Payset account, check our payment guide.

Can I deposit funds from a bank account in a different currency?

A Payset IBAN account allows you to receive funds in 34 currencies whether via bank transfer or from another Payset user. The funds will be held in your account in the same currency until you exchange them.

Are there minimum and maximum amounts I can exchange?

No, there are no minimum and maximum exchange amounts for Payset FX transactions. For large trades please contact us for the best rates!