Start-ups are by nature unique. You are charting new territory with your business. All too often, this means banks consider these business models too risky simply because they are unfamiliar. This can mean either you can’t open an account at all, or your activity is constantly being flagged and held up by your bank, or your transactions are limited to specific currencies or payment networks.

This is no way to run a modern start-up.

If you have a new or expanding business, Payset can help solve these challenges and more. Here’s how.

The challenges:

Operating internationally in numerous currencies and using many payment networks

Paying staff and operational expense in numerous regions and currencies

Working with a payment company that understands your business model

Managing fraud and risk with a trusted banking partner

Ensuring the quick and hassle-free movement of your money between all your suppliers, staff, and clients

Payset can help you:

Pay and get paid in multiple currencies, anywhere in the world

Save time and money with low-fee foreign exchange

Resolve issues quickly and efficiently with your own dedicated account manager

Easily transfer funds to your traditional bank account

Pay staff, contractors, and suppliers via local or international payment methods

Manage your expenses and outgoing and incoming payments from a single dashboard

Prevent scams and fraud by using our advanced fraud prevention tools

Generate invoices and track payments with excellent reporting features

Make free/instant payments to and from other Payset account holders