Do you have a company with a large number of employees in different countries? For more and more business owners, the answer is yes. This can create massive headaches when it comes to payroll.

What is Payset’s global payroll service?

Payset’s global payroll management functionality is a fully-compliant, low-cost way to support making payments to staff anywhere in the world. Make life easier for your accounting department when running payroll by automating staff payments and paying global staff in their local currencies.

What challenges are there for global payroll?

Ensuring timely delivery of payments to employees and contractors based all over the world

Minimizing the cost of frequently exchanging foreign currencies

Managing multiple payments to employees and contractors in various countries, in different currencies

How Payset’s global payroll service can help:

Automate the global payroll process to facilitate fast, hassle-free payouts to ensure all international recipients are paid in full and on time

Allow your staff to set up their own Payset accounts for instant, free payments

Pay your staff all over the world in their own local currency at low exchange rates

Reporting features allow your accounting department to make secure payments and keep an accurate record of transactions with our detailed reporting features

asked questions

What does Payset’s global payroll include?

Payset’s global payroll features include functionality to make automated payments to accounts all over the world in their own local currencies. 

Your accounts department can facilitate timely payments and keep an accurate record of transactions with in-depth reporting features.

How can global payroll help manage an international team?

Payset is perfect for organisations that manage a global team. Payset’s global payroll management service allows you to make payments to your staff anywhere in the world and in their own local currency.