Do you run an eCommerce business?

You’ve surely noticed that COVID-19 has dramatically increased the pace of eCommerce growth. The flip side of that growth is that competition is also expanding. To keep up with competitors, e-merchants today need to run a smoother, faster, and better business.

Payset can help you with your ecommerce challenges by improving your customers' experience and your back office operations. Here is how:

The challenges:

Purchasing goods from vendors across the world in multiple currencies

Collecting payments from clients in multiple currencies and regions

Issuing international payments for operational expenses, advertising, staff, and more

Preventing fraud

Payset can help you:

Pay suppliers around the globe via international or local payments

Easily accept credit cards on your website at low rates

Set up budget accounts for your marketing and development teams that allow them to control their own expenses

Issue payments to staff quickly and hassle free with low to no fees

Prevent scams and fraud by using our advanced fraud prevention tools

Address the unique challenges of your business by providing you with your own dedicated account manager

Easily transfer funds to your traditional bank account

Send and receive free and instant payments to other Payset account holders

Make quick, low-fee currency exchanges