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We founded Payset in 2018 to solve a problem: Traditional banking had fallen out of sync with the needs of international business. We are always looking for exceptional, talented fintech experts to help us achieve our goal of revolutionising global payments.


Payset's values


We develop exceptional products

Payset solutions will always be exceptional. We’re in this business to revolutionise financial services and to make cross-border payments easier and more cost-effective for our clients. We know that the same old solutions won’t cut it, so we’re committed to developing extraordinary products and services.


We solve problems

Central to the concept of Payset is our commitment to solving new problems. We work one on one with each and every client to come up with unique solutions to their individual business challenges. Afterall, we created our payment services to allow businesses to leap hurdles that the traditional banking structure continues to put in front of them.


We are humble

We know that we are only worth the difference we can make for our customers. That’s why we approach every new business relationship with humility and an open mind. It is central to our approach to develop custom business solutions and to the dynamic we develop with every client.


We are inclusive

Inclusivity is one of the founding principles of our business. Not just on an individual level, by ensuring everyone in our company and among our clientele is fairly and respectfully treated, but on a nation-to-nation level. We are committed to making it easier for those in remote or underserved regions to access exceptional payment services.


We are transparent

At Payset we believe wholeheartedly that we cannot work in financial services without a commitment to openness, honesty, and transparency. This is key to our success when it comes to handling money in a complex, highly regulated, highly sensitive industry.


We are passionate

Passion is the extra something that makes us different. We’re not just in this for business as usual. We’re in this to make change and to help create the kind of open financial world we dream about. We truly want to help make payments and exchanges move more freely around the globe for our clients.

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