Do you sell products on marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Wish, or eBay?

For many vendors, collecting payments from these marketplaces is impossible without a US or European bank account. Payset solves this problem by providing you with a single payment gateway for all your eCommerce marketplaces, allowing you to focus on growing your business and making sales.

Accept payments from marketplaces around the world and easily exchange it into your local currency.

The challenges:

Collecting payments quickly and efficiently from a variety of sources in your own currency.

Expanding the reach of your business by allowing marketplaces to pay you using their chosen currency and payment method.

Finding a cost-effective and simple foreign exchange solution.

Being able to collect payments in your own currency.

Protecting your identity and funds from fraud.

Payset can help you:

Get paid to one account from all the top ecommerce marketplaces.

Reach more clients in more regions with a multi-currency account.

Pay suppliers and sub-contractors via free/instant payments to/from other Payset clients.

Easily transfer funds to your traditional bank account.

Receive payments from eCommerce marketplaces immediately.

Address the unique problems of your business with a dedicated account manager.

Offer your products and services in previously out of reach regions.

Allow clients to choose from several payment methods and currencies.