Do you run an affiliate or partnership program for your online business? Then you know how difficult and costly it can be to track, manage, and issue payments across international borders and payment networks.

Payset can help. We offer a premier solution to companies looking to manage their affiliate programs. Our services are designed to solve the unique problems you confront.

Payset can help you run a successful, profitable affiliate or partnership program. Here’s how.

The challenges:

Paying affiliates in numerous regions and currencies via local and international payment methods.

Finding a cost effective, secure, and fast foreign exchange solution.

Allowing affiliates to get paid via their chosen currency and payment network.

Managing fraud and risk with a trusted banking partner.

Payset can help you:

Make mass payments using a variety of different payment networks.

Pay affiliates in a variety of regions locally (therefore more cheaply and quickly).

Easily make payments to your affiliates.

Signup your affiliates to their own Payset account and make payments free and instant.

Make payments in multiple currencies directly from your multi-currency account.

Manage all your affiliate payouts from a single account dashboard.

Pay either internationally or locally via numerous payment networks.

Generate invoices and track payments with excellent reporting features.

Easily transfer funds to your traditional bank account.