Freelancing these days? You’re not alone.

We live in the era of the digital nomad. More people than ever are working as freelancers. Whether you’re working independently or via a freelance talent platform, with all the competition out there, to be successful as a freelancer, you need to stand out and expand your reach. The more money you save on fees and the easier it is for you to collect payments, the more competitive you will be.

Payset can save you money, time, and hassle, dramatically increase your earning potential. Here’s how.

The challenges:

Getting paid quickly and cost-effectively by avoiding foreign exchange and bank wire fees as well as the long delays of traditional money transfers

Allowing clients to pay you with their chosen currency and payment network

Being able to collect payments in your own currency

Protecting your identity and funds from fraud

Collecting payments from several freelance talent platforms in one place

Payset can help you:

Decrease the costs of your incoming and outgoing money transfers

Save money with low-fee foreign exchange

Make free and instant payments between Payset clients

Make and receive quick, easy cross-border payments

Easily withdraw your funds, make payments, or spend online

Collect payments in your own currency

Accept both international and local payments in several currencies

Protect your funds and your identity

Collect payments from all your freelance talent platforms in one place

Offer your services in previously out of reach regions

Allow clients to choose from several payment methods and currencies

Easily transfer funds to your traditional bank account