June 22, 2022

Do Prepaid Cards Have ZIP Codes?

Almost everyone is familiar with ZIP codes or postal codes. These are numbers of five digits or more—the same code that you see at the end of your mailing address when someone sends you a letter.

ZIP codes were introduced in the 1960s to track mail, but they are now in use in the payments industry. 

Often, credit card issuers and payment companies will use ZIP codes in order to identify card owners. This, like most data collected by card companies, is used for reasons of security and user tracking.


You probably will not need to use your ZIP code in most transactions, but it is a good idea to become familiar with how ZIP codes work in relation to your bank account and payment cards.

So, do prepaid cards have ZIP codes?


Prepaid cards do not usually have ZIP codes printed on them. Usually, prepaid cards only have your 16-digit card number, your expiration date, and CVV code printed on them. 

You do not usually need to provide your ZIP code when you make purchases with your prepaid card. 

Point-of-sale terminals may ask you for other information or retrieve your personal information from your card’s chip or magnetic stripe, but you will rarely need to enter your ZIP code.


Although your card might not have a ZIP code attached to it, you should be familiar with the number because there are rare situations where you have to provide that information.

When Are ZIP Codes Required for Prepaid Cards?


When you sign up for a prepaid card, you might need to provide a ZIP code, area code, or other information about your location. This data, along with your street address, will help card companies ensure that you live in an area serviced by the company and verify your identity.


After you provide your ZIP code for the first time, you will rarely need to enter it again unless you make specific purchases. For example; many automated gas pumps in the United States require card users to enter their ZIP code due to a large amount of theft in that industry.


If you move to a different city or state, you should update your ZIP code along with the rest of your street address. You can do this by contacting your prepaid card provider.

Are Billing Addresses Required for Prepaid Cards?

You usually need to provide a billing address for your prepaid card. If you have a bank card or credit card, your financial institution will send monthly balance statements and spending statements to that address. 

While it is more common for prepaid card issuers to allow you to manage your balance online without paper statements, most card providers still require you to provide an address when you sign up for a card for security reasons.


It is important to note that billing addresses and shipping addresses are not always the same. When you make an online purchase with your card, you can often provide a shipping address that is different from your billing address. 

In fact, shipped items usually do not even need to be sent to your own address. You can send them to the addresses of family, friends, or anyone else.

Payset’s Prepaid Card Solution


Payset offers a prepaid card solution that you can use around the world. Based in the U.K. and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we offer our services to dozens of different countries. Our services are available no matter where you live or where you travel.

Here are a select few of the many benefits of our prepaid card solution:

Foreign Exchange Access

Payset offers support for 38 different national currencies, meaning that you can swap the balance on your card between different foreign currencies as needed. 

With our multi-currency accounts, you can save money by purchasing the strongest-performing currency at any given moment.

Multi-Currency Support

With a Payset international card, you can hold up to 34 different currencies at once and hold your balance in any currency you like. 

When you spend a currency in its own country, it is usually sent over that country’s local banking network, allowing for faster and cheaper transactions compared to transactions sent over international settlement networks. 

Physical and Virtual Cards

When you register with Payset, you’ll get access to a physical plastic card and a virtual card, making it easier for you to do online banking and spend money. 

It’s an ideal option for anyone, whether you are spending money online, in your home country, or when you travel abroad.


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