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May 2, 2024

Top Ten Biometric Payment Companies

As we unlock our smartphones with a glance or a touch, biometric technology is setting its sights on a larger target—our wallets. Transforming the checkout line into a seamless, secure experience, biometric payments are on track to redefine commerce, promising a future where your unique physical traits are the key to faster and safer transactions.

Key Takeaways 

Biometric Evolution: Biometric payments, leveraging unique biological characteristics like fingerprints and facial structures, are rapidly becoming a preferred security measure in financial transactions.

Market Growth: The widespread adoption of biometric technologies is reshaping the payment landscape, with a significant increase in startups and innovations leading to a projected multi-trillion-dollar industry by 2026.

Security and Convenience: These technologies not only enhance security, reducing the risk of fraud, but also offer greater convenience to users, significantly streamlining the payment process.

What Are Biometric Payments and How Do They Work?

Biometric payments use individuals’ unique biological characteristics—such as fingerprints, faces, retinas, veins, and voices—to authenticate their identities during transactions. Examples are a phone using infrared to quickly scan a user’s facial structure before authorising an Apple Pay or Google Pay transaction, or blossoming new technology that embeds a fingerprint scanner directly into a credit card. 

The methods are many, and all of them offer major enhancements by way of convenience, security, and speed. As biometric payments become commonplace, they are poised to replace traditional methods, promising a secure and efficient future for financial transactions.

Biometric Payments on the Rise

Biometric payments are gaining traction in the consumer market at a whirlwind pace, a trend destined only to accelerate. According to GlobalData, in the last three years alone, there have been over 133,000 patents filed and granted in the retail industry. Juniper Research predicts biometrics will authenticate over $3 trillion of payment transactions in 2025, an increase of over 650% from 2020. And according to Goode Intelligence, global biometric payments are expected to reach $5.8 trillion and more than 3 billion users by 2026.

With the technology becoming more sophisticated and widely accepted, the ease and security offered by biometric payments have made it a favourite among consumers and businesses alike. The future of purchasing could very well rest in the unique patterns of our eyes, faces, and fingerprints.

Top Ten Biometric Payments Companies

The biometric payment sector is buzzing with startups, reflecting a major shift in how transactions are conducted. As these companies introduce innovative solutions that integrate unique biological characteristics for authentication, they’re setting new standards in security and convenience, transforming the landscape of payment processing. Here are the top players in the field:

1. Apple

Apple revolutionised biometric payments with the introduction of Apple Pay in 2014. Leveraging its expertise in mobile technology, Apple integrated Touch ID and later Face ID into its devices, facilitating secure transactions. Apple Pay quickly gained traction globally, reaching millions of users and merchants worldwide. With a vast ecosystem of devices and a loyal customer base, Apple is a pillar in the biometric payments sector. The company’s commitment to innovation and user experience points to continued expansion as digital wallet adoption increases and biometric authentication becomes the norm for secure transactions.

2. NEC

NEC Corporation has a strong foothold in the biometric payments market, primarily through its facial and fingerprint recognition technology. Well-established as an IT and electronics leader, NEC developed facial recognition systems that are acclaimed for their accuracy and speed, making them ideal for security-sensitive environments including financial services. The company’s biometric solutions are part of a broader portfolio that addresses various sectors, suggesting substantial growth potential as global demand for secure and efficient biometric authentication increases in banking, retail, and beyond.


IDEMIA specialises in biometric payment technologies, originating from the merger of Oberthur Technologies and Morpho. This union created a robust platform in security and identity solutions, leading to innovative products like biometric payment cards, which use fingerprint sensors to enhance transaction security. IDEMIA’s established expertise in biometrics positions it well for growth in the expanding market of secure and convenient payment solutions, especially as industries globally continue to emphasise enhanced security in financial transactions.

4. Samsung

Samsung entered the biometric payments market with Samsung Pay, launched in 2015. It integrates seamlessly with Samsung’s smartphones and watches, using fingerprint and iris scanning technologies to authenticate transactions securely. Samsung Pay is distinguished by its compatibility with both NFC (Near-Field Communication) and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technologies, broadening its usability. With Samsung’s global brand and extensive user base, the company is positioned to remain a dominant player in the industry. As digital payment solutions continue to evolve, Samsung’s ongoing innovation in biometrics is poised to stay at the front of the pack.

5. Zwipe

Zwipe’s focus is secure and convenient contactless payments. Founded with the aim to enhance transaction security, the company has developed biometric payment cards that incorporate fingerprint sensors directly onto the card. This led to the company becoming the world’s first Visa and Mastercard approved biometric card platform. Zwipe’s technology allows for a high level of security without sacrificing speed, and their products have a growing reach in markets across the globe, destined only to grow bigger as biometric payment technology becomes more widespread.

6. Fujitsu

A player in technology since 1935, Fujitsu has made waves in the FinTech sector with its PalmSecure technology, which uses palm vein patterns for authentication. This method offers a highly secure, contactless payment solution, built on the particularities of individual vein patterns. Fujitsu’s technology has been integrated into a number of systems globally, providing secure access and payment options in diverse sectors from banking to healthcare. With an increasing focus on security and hygiene in transactions, Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology stands out among others.

7. Mastercard

Mastercard has been a leader in biometric payment technology, notably with its biometric card that integrates a fingerprint sensor for authentication. Launched as a pilot project in South Africa in 2017, this innovation allows users to verify transactions directly on their card, enhancing security and convenience. Mastercard is also expanding its reach by linking the biometric authentication systems of a number of third-party companies with their own systems, partnering with Zwipe, NEC, Payface, Aurus, Fujitsu, PopID and PayByFace, among others.

8. Fingerprint

Fingerprint Cards AB, commonly known as Fingerprint, is a Swedish biometrics company, specialising in fingerprint recognition technology. Established to enhance security in mobile devices and payment systems, Fingerprint Cards has developed sensors that are used in smartphones, credit cards, and access control systems. This technology not only secures devices but also facilitates quick and safe biometric payments. The company’s products have a wide global reach, influencing the mobile and payment security markets. 

9. Amazon

Amazon has innovated in biometric payments with Amazon One, a technology that allows customers to use their palm for secure and convenient payment processing. Launched initially in select Amazon stores, the system enables a contactless payment experience by simply scanning the palm. This method is integrated within Amazon’s broader ecosystem, enhancing user convenience and transaction speed. Given the technology’s initial success and Amazon's vast market reach, there is substantial potential for expansion both within its retail environments and with external partners. 

10. Dermalog

Dermalog, a German biometrics company, has carved a niche in the biometric payments sector with its fingerprint and facial recognition technology. Known for its high-speed and secure identification systems, Dermalog’s innovations are deployed in banking and government security systems worldwide. The company’s biometric solutions are pivotal in enhancing payment security and efficiency. With biometrics increasingly being integrated into everyday transactions, Dermalog is poised for growth as markets demand more advanced security solutions to combat fraud and ensure transaction integrity in a digital age.

The Creepiness Factor: Truth or Science Fiction?

Biometric technologies, such as facial recognition, are becoming ubiquitous, raising valid concerns about privacy and surveillance. While the fear of being monitored without consent seems plucked from a dystopian narrative, these concerns are grounded in the capabilities of these technologies to deeply analyse personal features. 

To address these fears, implementing stringent data protection measures is crucial. Encryption of biometric data, secure storage solutions that limit data access, and robust anonymization techniques can safeguard privacy. Also, comprehensive regulations governing the use and disclosure of biometric data, coupled with transparent practices about data usage, are essential to ensure that biometrics enhance security without compromising personal freedoms. This approach can help mitigate the “creepiness” factor associated with biometric technologies, ensuring they’re used responsibly and ethically in everyday life.


Biometric payment technology is swiftly revolutionising the way we transact, steering us towards a future where a glance or a tap is all it takes to pay. This shift is igniting the industry’s growth, setting new standards for financial transactions. There is a steady stream of startups entering the market, each contributing to a shift towards more secure, streamlined financial transactions. Meanwhile, customers are finding themselves with sophisticated tools that are almost intuitive in their simplicity, accelerating adoption around the world and setting new standards in how we carry out our daily financial interactions.

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