Transfer Money Within Europe with Payset

Easily collect payments from your European customers without the need for complicated legal and financial paperwork. Save time with Payset who make getting paid from Europe super easy and hassle free.

Payset provides the easiest solution to transfer money within Europe. Send local transfers from Payset to any EU bank account including European business bank accounts without leaving the office. Plus your recipient doesn’t have to have a Payset account to be able to receive the payment from you.

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How does Payset benefit you when transferring money within Europe?

  • Low costs. No hidden fees or additional charges.
  • Low exchange rates and currency fees.
  • Available 24/7
  • Easy to set up and use immediately.
  • Completed quickly (may vary depending on the receiver’s bank.)
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Europe Money Transfer Options:

  • Credit Cards - Credit card payments make it easy to send money anywhere in the world, provided your recipient accepts the card you’re using.
  • Bank Transfer - When Spending money from one European business to another, European business bank account transfers are the preferred method.
  • Digital and e-wallets - Much like Payset, there are apps that let you link your bank account details to an online service. This enables any user to transfer money within Europe, as well as receive funds in return.

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Why are banks not the best option for International money transfers within Europe?

Traditionally you might have sent payment through your bank account for international wire transfers, but banks are not the only international money transfer service providers. There are many companies, Payset being one of them, who specialize in sending money overseas that are much faster, much cheaper and better for transferring money within Europe.

As banks are familiar it may seem appropriate and sensible to send money to Europe from your banking institution. 

One of the major differences between banks and platforms such as Payset is how much the transfer will cost overall. Before you settle on a provider to carry out your transfer with you should understand what the impacts of the transfer will be, such as:

  • What fees are included in the transfer costs and by how much will they inflate your overall spend?
  • Are there likely to be any hidden costs or fees incurred for the transfer to be processed by either your service provider or your recipients service providers?
  • How long will the transfer take to process? Does this meet supplier and customer expectations or will it be detrimental to your business?
  • What are the exchange rates offered by the service provider? Do they offer you the best value for your money?
  • Have you explored the best alternative money transfer options available to you?

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I wanted to express my appreciation for the successful cooperation between my firm and Payset. I would like to point out in particular the professionalism, the manner in which requests are handled, the quick response time and the satisfaction of the clients. I strongly believes that we will continue to move forward and create many collaborations in the future

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The experience of using PaySet account was really interesting. It is one of the most ergonomic systems I have ever used. Support provided is fast and enquires are resolved in no time. I am very satisfied for using this account! Keep going guys!

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Accountant at Lytria
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Through our experience with Payset we are happy to say the services provided were accommodated to our needs perfectly and were performed professionally. The support and customer care is fast and efficient, no question or request is left unanswered or unresolved. 10/10

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For the past year, we have worked hand in hand with Payset Limited to assist us with numerous payments related services. At no one time have they failed me, and they have always been on time, making them one of our top reliable business partners.

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Sending money via banks is cumbersome and expensive. They charge you high fees and usually offer poor exchange rates and often come with hidden processing charges. Banks also take a long time to transfer your money, about 3-5 working days. Some services let you transfer money in an instant across international borders, however this usually comes at a premium.

The fees will often vary depending on the transfer method, amount, destination, currency and speed of which you wish to transfer money to another European account. On top of this the recipient will have to pay a correspondent fee if your transfer is taken through correspondent banks. 

You will often lose money in hidden fees and your beneficiary would get a lesser amount than what you intended to send which could result in underpaying your suppliers or receiving lesser amounts from your customers.

Use a Payset European Business Bank Account to transfer money within Europe.

To minimize the cost of your transfers and save money, Payset and other similar services will often be the best option for your European transfers. We charge low fees, offer some of the best exchange rates and can send your money across to Europe faster than a majority of banks.

With Payset you will have different options available to you to pay for your transfers within Europe including bank transfers, debit cards or credit cards and you can get your money deposited directly into your recipient's bank account or e-wallet.

An advantage of having many choices is that you can select the preferred platform based on your needs.

Transfer Money Within Europe FAQ’s

How does Payset benefit you when transferring money within Europe?

Payset provides several benefits if you are transferring funds in Europe. 

Payset supports the euro, the British pound, and various other local currencies, meaning that you can buy, sell, and trade a variety of EU assets. 

Payset also supports top European and U.K. payment networks including SEPA, CHAPS, and FPS so that you can settle payments quickly and inexpensively.

How Do I Get Started With a Payset Account?

You can get started with a Payset account by signing up on our signup page. After you provide your contact information, you’ll gain access to your account (typically within 48 hours). If you have any questions about the signup process, please contact us, and we’ll happily walk you through it.

Why are banks not the best option for International money transfers within Europe?

Banks are not always the best option for international European money transfers. Bank transfers may be slower or more expensive than transfers on alternative services like Payset. 

However, this depends on various factors including the payment network used, the banks involved, and specific account terms. If you are not sure whether your bank or multi-currency account offers better terms for a specific transaction, contact each service to compare.

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